Michigan 2017: Part 1

We’re home! The kids and I actually flew in on Friday evening… aaaaaand I’m ready to go back to Michigan. Going from 70 degrees to 90+ is THE WORST. It was such an amazing vacation and the two weeks flew by. I just looked through my phone and realized I took literally 600 photos while we were there. I’ll do my best to not completely overwhelm you here… but needless to say, if you’re looking for the perfect summer vacation spot, Northern Michigan is my vote. The scenery is gorgeous and the weather is perfect. Aside from a few rainy days, the kids spent the entire visit playing outdoors – in the yard, at the beach, walking into town. That makes me so happy.

OK. So our trip started out a little bumpy. Our flight was delayed several times and we had three gate changes. The first change was within 5 minutes of our expected boarding time and the next one was literally 10 minutes later. We were hauling it through DFW… only to make it to our final gate and sit for 45 minutes. Sigh.

The kids were champs though…

We stayed in the same house in Charlevoix as last summer. It’s a 10 minute walk to the beach, 10 minute walk into town, has the best yard and most gorgeous view of Round Lake.



The owners live right next door and are basically celebs to my kids. They would use any excuse to go visit “Miss Sally and Captain Bob.” They left the kids little gifts and notes on the porch and were SO sweet to them.

Annie lived next door, too. Isla was a BIG Annie fan…

This is at Depot Beach, which is the closest beach to the house. It’s in front of an old train depot on Lake Charlevoix. There’s an awesome playground right in front of the water, so the kids split their time between that and wading into the lake (which is FREEZING, btw… those kids are crazy). Jack could spent hours searching for Petoskey stones in the water and actually scored quite a few this trip.

Ok I love that picture, but the front view just makes me laugh. Gia was NOT cool how high Baba was swinging Isla.

Sweet little Stevie on the swing…

On Monday we took the ferry to Mackinac Island. Sunday was our anniversary and Brian surprised me by booking us a room at the Grand Hotel on the island for Monday night. I’ve always wanted to check out the hotel (you have to pay a fee to even walk around the grounds), so actually getting to stay there was amazing. We spent the afternoon walking around the island with my family, then they caught the ferry back to Charlevoix and we headed to the hotel. One of the coolest things about Mackinac is that there are no cars allowed on the island- only horses and bikes. So even our luggage was taken from the ferry to the hotel by horse-drawn carriage.

On the ferry. Gia and Stevie stayed back in Charlevoix because Mackinac would not be the easiest trip for a baby. Also Jack is pouting here because we wouldn’t let him sit next to the edge.

Sooooo windy!

Fort Mackinac:

Isla was actually really into the fort. This lady talked to her for a while about crocheting, and she loved checking out the officers’ quarters and watching them shoot off the canon.

The Grand Hotel is absolutely gorgeous. I said that it was like stepping into a Wes Anderson movie- the decor is so colorful and the attention to detail is crazy. Literally every room in the hotel is decorated differently! Also there’s a dress code after 6pm- dresses for ladies and coat and tie for men. It feels like you’re stepping back in time. We ended up having dinner at another hotel on the island, but we had drinks at the Cupola Bar at the Grand after. That’s on the top level of the hotel and has the most amazing view of Lake Huron and the Mackinac Bridge. After that we walked back to town to the Pink Pony bar for live music. I walked SO MUCH in those 24 hours- I think my FitBit said 9 miles??

The largest front porch in the WORLD at 660 feet!

Also I loved the turquoise ceiling. See, DETAILS?!

A few pics from inside…

OK I think that’s all I have the energy for tonight!! Another post (or two…) coming with the rest of the trip.

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