Instant Pot Paleo

I was browsing the books at Costco this weekend and was shocked/excited when I spotted this one:

An Instant Pot paleo cookbook?! Of course it came home with me (PS- you can find it slightly cheaper on Amazon). The recipes are all pretty straightforward- no huge, crazy ingredient lists. Tonight I tried the honey-balsamic pork chops, which you can actually find on the author’s blog here.

I made a few alterations:

- used olive oil instead of ghee

- after browning the pork chops, I removed them from the pot and deglazed it with some white wine… then added the chops back to the pot and poured in the honey and balsamic

- once the chops were done, I removed them from the pot and simmered the sauce for a while to thicken it up

Other than that I followed the directions exactly.



(I know the meat looks charred, but it’s just dark from cooking in the balsamic sauce!!)

So I loved the flavor but the pork chops were a little dry. I think this was because: 1. I used boneless chops, 2. per the recipe, I quick released the pressure instead of letting it naturally release- which can make meat tough, and 3. I actually made them around 6 so that the kids (well, Jack) could eat them for dinner, but then Brian didn’t get home until almost 8- so they’d been sitting in the pot on “keep warm” for 2 hours before Brian and I ate them. Next time I’ll use bone-in chops and let the pressure release naturally. I will say I loved the honey-balsamic sauce.

ALSO- another easy side dish find!

These mashed cauliflower was really good! Wayyyy better that the Trader Joe’s cauliflower puree. It had a thicker consistency and was well seasoned. I didn’t have to add anything to it. Also the nutrition stats aren’t terrible:

Ok that’s all I’ve got! Catch y’all tomorrow.

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