Paleo Cookies

We have book club tonight so I thought it would be a good opportunity to try out a paleo cookie recipe that I bookmarked a while ago: The Best Paleo Chunk Cookies. By some miracle I actually had all of the ingredients on hand, too- almond flour, coconut flour, coconut sugar, coconut oil, chocolate chips, eggs, vanilla and sea salt. Actually I didn’t have baking soda, which meant that I had to drag Jack to the store after dinner last night and resulted in me basically hoisting all 60 lbs of him up onto a top shelf to reach the very last box of baking soda… GOOD TIMES.

Anyway, the recipe is pretty straightforward. Mix the sugar, coconut oil and eggs (I doubled the recipe), stir in flours, mix in chocolate chips. Scoop, bake, then sprinkle with sea salt:

They’re really good! Kind of a cake-like consistency. Isla was not a fan, but Jack had a friend over today and he happily ate one (though maybe he was being polite?). I like them, though I don’t think they beat my FAVORITE paleo chocolate chip cookie recipe. That one is more traditional gooey-cookie and hard to beat.

We’re officially at the miserable point of Texas summer. I took the kids to run a few errands today, and the biggest beating is getting back in the car after it’s been sitting in the 100 degree heat. I finally gave up after errand #3 and we headed to our new Bahama Bucks instead (for like our 4th trip since it opened a week ago).

Off to get ready for book club…

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