Peach Season

Brian took a trip to Florida this weekend to meet up with his college buddies, so I loaded up the kids (and Chloe) and headed to the lake! It’s reached the point in the summer where it’s really too hot to do anything but swim… so that’s what we did. Lots and lots of pool time!

My mom and I stopped off at a fruit stand on Saturday and I loaded up on tomatoes, okra, radishes and peaches. I bookmarked this Southern Living recipe for easy peach cobbler and gave it a try this afternoon. It really is easy- you just melt butter in a baking dish, pour in a mixture of flour, milk, sugar and vanilla, then top with sliced peaches and bake.

Most of the cobbler recipes I’ve seen involve peeling and cooking the fruit first. Too many steps!! This one was perfect.

My dad made a batch of homemade vanilla ice cream for the 4th and gave us the leftovers. SO GOOD with the cobbler:

Love summer produce! Now I just need to figure out what to do with 2 big bags of radishes…

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