Salmon Cakes

This morning Jack asked if we could have one day this week where we “stay home all day and do nothing.” It’s funny because I really haven’t planned much for them this summer- we did a couple weeks of swim lessons and he did three days of drop-in tennis lessons last week, but that’s basically it (other than vacation). Anyway, I gave him his wish today and once we were home from the gym we did NOTHING. It actually worked out pretty well. They played Wii, watched The Neverending Story, built with Legos for a surprisingly long time and read books. I managed to clean up the house a little and even shower! Small miracles.

Tonight for dinner I modified a Nom Nom Paleo recipe for spicy tuna cakes. Instead of tuna, I used canned salmon (12 oz), and I also left out the red pepper flakes. OH and swapped 1 Tbs olive oil for the 2 Tbs ghee.

Simple ingredient list: salmon, green onions, jalapeno, mashed sweet potato, eggs, lemon zest, cilantro.

The flavor was great, but they definitely stuck to the muffin tin (I should have heeded the warnings in the comments section). Next time I’m just going to form them into patties and bake instead. Once I popped my salmon cakes out of the tin, I put them on a baking sheet and broiled for a couple of minutes to crisp up the edges.

I also used the fresh okra I bought from the farmstand this weekend. Sliced it and sauteed with onions, garlic and a few cans of tomatoes. SO GOOD.


Despite the sticking, I’m pretty happy with how the salmon cakes turned out! Per the recipe I plan on skillet-frying the leftovers to get them nice and crispy.

Later kids!

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