Summer Soup

Another busy weekend! On Friday we dropped the kids at the Y for a Parents’ Night Out, then headed to Gloria’s for a little date night dinner. As usual our date concluded with a Target trip- this is what happens when you’ve been married for twelve years. Oh we also stopped for ice cream and ate it in the parking lot of the Y so the kids wouldn’t know. Good times.

Yesterday we had our sweet niece Stevie’s first birthday party. She was adorable and all about her watermelon cake:

Today we had another birthday party for one of Isla’s friends at my favorite place (NO), Chuck E Cheese, then met my parents for dinner tonight at Celebration.

I’ve been on a gazpacho kick lately. It’s so easy to throw together and keep in the fridge for quick lunches, plus it tastes better the longer it sits. I use Ina’s recipe but add a little more vinegar.

Ingredients (use good tomatoes!):

So good with lots of fresh pepper!

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