Costco Chicken FTW

Tonight was a total “clean out the fridge of all the things” night, which I usually hate- but at least I didn’t have to turn on the stove. Since leftovers aren’t the most exciting thing ever, I thought I’d share a couple of my lunches from this week.

I like to have one lunch option on hand for the entire week. Some weeks I make a big batch of chicken salad, other weeks it’ll be soup, etc. Basically if I have something ready to go I’m way less likely to go through the Chick Fil A drive-thru.

This week I grabbed a rotisserie chicken from Costco with the intention of making chicken salad, but I never got past cutting up it up. It actually worked out great because I was able to use the chopped breast meat ALL week for different lunches. Not bad for $5!!

On Monday I used the chicken and some carrot noodles from Trader Joe’s to make these carrot chicken ramen noodles from Carrots N Cake. Unfortunately I forgot to snap a pic. They were good but next time I’ll cut way down on the bouillon, garlic powder and onion powder. Too salty for me!

On Tuesday I mashed up half of an avocado, mixed it with some of the chicken, stirred in a bunch of lime juice, salt and onion powder to make avocado chicken salad. I had that on brown rice cakes (latest fave) sprinkled with TJ’s Everything But The Bagel seasoning (obsessed!). Again, no photo- sorry. Womp womp.

I do have a photo for Wednesday!! I ended up spreading hummus on an Ezekiel sprouted grain tortilla, then topped that with baby spinach, a few sliced roasted red peppers, banana peppers, chicken and feta, then drizzled the whole thing with balsamic vinegar. Rolled into a wrap:


Then today I pulled out another Ezekiel tortilla, but this time I spread half with spicy chipotle black bean dip from Trader Joe’s. Topped that with chopped chicken, sweet & spicy jalapenos (TJ’s again) and shredded cheese. Folded in half and grilled in a skillet for a few minutes per side. Served with salsa and plain yogurt.

As a side note, did you know that the Siggi’s 0% plain yogurt has 28g of protein per cup!?? That stuff is FILLING.

So that lunch was pretty awesome AND we still have chicken left!

(Also, do you like how all of my lunches are on paper plates? #summer #overit)

Hope everyone has a fun weekend! My parents are taking the kids to the lake tomorrow so we can have a date night- I don’t know who is more excited about it, Jack & Isla or ME.

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