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Well we’re officially on our second to last week of summer- how is this possible?! On one hand, summer is way too short. Our last day was June 2nd and our first day is August 14th. That is NOT three months. That isn’t even 2.5 months.

On the other hand, I’m pretty ready to not have to cook and clean up three meals and 2 billion snacks per day. And I’m excited to be able to clean one room of the house without three other rooms being destroyed at the exact same time.

Also, we finished Jack’s Summer Bucket (Buckit) List:

(FYI, that last one is “go to island”- as in Mackinac- in case you’re not versed in first grade phonetic spelling.)

Anyway, summer went too fast this year.

On to food. I picked up one of these Quaker Overnight Oats cups at Target the other day. I love overnight oats and the coconut flavor sold me immediately.

You just add milk to the fill line at night, stir, then stick it in the fridge until morning.

Verdict? Not bad, though I expected more food for that number of calories. Also it was really sweet. As in, the 2nd ingredient after oats was sugar. I wish they’d left out all the sugar and let you just drizzle honey on top. The flavor was good, though, and I liked the texture. Not bad to keep on hand for an easy breakfast.

Tonight I had dinner at HG Sply to celebrate 2 friends’ birthdays. Our group seems to always end up either at HG or True Food Kitchen, which is fine with me because I’ve never had a bad meal at either. Love them. Tonight I had the burger stack bowl- sweet potato hash topped with lettuce, tomato, avocado, burger patty and a fried egg.

Good stuff.

Catch y’all tomorrow!

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