Phoning It In

Remember when I talked about phoning in dinner at the end of the week? Well try Tuesday. This week is just crazy. Tonight we had a play date at Monster Yogurt with a new 2nd grader, tomorrow night I have book club, Thursday night we have kindergarten orientation and Friday evening is meet the teacher. No easing into the school year here, they just throw you right in.

I managed to feed the kids before the play date so that fro-yo wasn’t their ENTIRE dinner. We didn’t get home until after 7, and then Brian didn’t get home from work until 7:30. Sooooo, Trader Joe’s cauliflower cheese pizza to the rescue:

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted about this one before. It’s definitely not like eating “normal” cheese pizza, but it’s not bad in a pinch. I’ve heard of people having a hard time with the TJ’s plain cauliflower crust and I’m not sure if this version uses the same recipe, but in my experience the bottom crisps up pretty well.  Also you could always add toppings/more cheese (the cheese is a little skimpy).

We also threw together one of the Costco Asian sesame salads. These are so good- I always grab one to keep on hand for nights like this.

So there you have it… just keeping it real, folks!

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