First Day Jitters

Ahhh- first day of school tomorrow!! The backpacks are packed, school clothes laid out, pencils labeled…

Seriously. 24 pencils, 48 crayons, 12 colored pencils and 8 markers. ALL WITH HIS NAME. Whyyyyyyyy?

We had meet the teacher on Friday and both kids seem pretty pumped. They remodeled the pre-k/kinder part of the school over the summer so Isla was particularly excited to check out her new classroom. Not sure what this face was all about:

Jack isn’t in class with his bestie, though I don’t think he was surprised. Pretty sure they got in trouble for talking a LOT last year. All of the girls from Isla’s class last year (all three of them, ha) ended up in the same class this year, so she’s thrilled about that.

We had a fun weekend! Met up with some of Jack’s classmates for dinner on Friday, took the kids swimming on Saturday, met my parents for dinner on Saturday night, took Jack to a cub scouts water fight today, then headed to Kaze (a hibachi restaurant near our house) for our annual back to school dinner.

(Choosing my battles with that t-shirt…)

Wish us luck tomorrow!

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