One Day Down!

One day of school down!

The kids said that they had a great first day. They like their teachers and seem excited about their classes. It’s a particularly big year for Isla because she gets to eat in the cafeteria, go to PE in the gym, take music and Spanish, go to the computer lab, and attend mass with the big kids. It’s a pretty big year for Jack too because he has reconciliation and first communion. Lots of firsts!

We got the kids to school around 7:40, walked them to their classrooms, hit up the parent welcome breakfast, and then Brian headed to work while I had a room mom meeting from 8:30-9:30. Rushed to the gym after that for the 10:00 class, then it was back to school at 11:30 for pick-up (they had a half day today).

We had a playdate this afternoon and got home around 5:30, so I threw some ingredients in the Instant Pot and crossed my fingers:

  • Aidell’s teriyaki pineapple meatballs- they’ve been in our freezer for forever!
  • Trader Joe’s Island Soyaki
  • Pineapple chunks

I dumped the (frozen!) meatballs in the Instant Pot, then topped with about 3/4 of a can of pineapple chunks. Poured 1 cup of the Soyaki on top, closed the lid and set to manual for 5 minutes. Once the timer went off I did a quick pressure release. That’s it!

I was worried that the sauce would scorch in the pot, but it turned out fine! The pineapple chunks were super salty but the meatballs were perfect.

Served over jasmine rice, alongside roasted broccoli.

I was up at 5:45 to start getting everything ready for school, so it’s been a LONG day!! Catch y’all tomorrow!

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