Chickpea Pasta

As sad as I am to see the summer end… I forgot how much more PRODUCTIVE I can be when the kids are in school all day. It’s kind of amazing. This summer we maybe got 1 errand done per day? And even that was tough. Yesterday I went to the gym, ran to Target/Party City/Ulta/Costco, cleaned the house and ran a load of laundry before it was time for carpool. It was really nice to have a lazy summer but I’m also kind of excited to get back into a routine.

(Less excited about waking up at 6am)

Yesterday at Target I picked up a box of this Banza pasta. It’s made from chickpeas and literally just 3 other ingredients (tapioca, pea protein, xanthan gum) and has LOTS of protein and fiber.

It tastes pretty great, actually. Almost exactly like regular pasta- maybe a little more dense and hearty? It’s also super filling. I think it’s 2 for $5 at Target right now so I will be stocking up! I saw it at Costco a while back too.

For the sauce I threw together a bunch of what we had on hand:

Onions, garlic, carrots (I chopped them pretty finely in the food processor), basil, mushrooms, marinara. Also this turkey Italian sausage:

I sauteed the onions and sausage, then removed from the pan and drained the grease. Added the carrots to the pan with a little olive oil and sauteed for a minute, then stirred in the garlic. Once those had cooked for a few minutes, I deglazed the pan with some red wine, then added the rest of the ingredients (marinara, mushrooms, basil, sausage and onions). Simmered for about 30 minutes.

Another bummer about fall? MAKING LUNCHES. Two days in and I’m over it!

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