Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Today I skipped the gym and got SO MUCH DONE at home. Cleaned my closet, cleaned both kids rooms, put away laundry, vacuumed, washed towels, actually showered and dried my hair for a change. I’m really bad about thinking of a million errands to run rather than going home and actually getting stuff done there, and I’m trying to be better about that. But let’s be honest, cleaning sucks.

This afternoon I had a room mom meeting for Isla’s class that ran way longer than I thought it would. My parents picked the kids up from school, but by the time I drove to their house, grabbed the kids and drove home, it was after 6. Meaning dinner was quick and a little boring- more of that Banza chickpea pasta (LOVE) and some turkey meat sauce that I froze last week.

BUT! I have a good lunch routine going this week. On Sunday I bought a big bag (I think 2.5-3lbs) of frozen chicken breasts and threw them in the Instant Pot- still frozen- with a chopped onion, about 3/4 bottle of Stubb’s BBQ sauce and maybe 1/2 cup of water? Sorry I can’t remember exactly how much!! Then cooked on manual for 40 minutes and let the pressure release naturally. Removed the chicken, shredded, then added more BBQ sauce. I stashed the shredded chicken in the fridge and have been using it all week for lunch. I just microwave a sweet potato, then stuff it with steamed kale (found in the frozen section at Sprouts) and a bunch of BBQ chicken. It’s so good and filling!!

Catch y’all tomorrow!

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