Broccoli-Turkey Stir Fry

I had planned on serving leftovers for dinner tonight… but then I ate all of our leftovers for lunch. Whoops.

A few weeks ago I tried The Lemon Bowl’s Szechuan turkey and green beans, and tonight I did a variation of that. Instead of green beans I used broccoli, and I also added mushrooms. Otherwise I kept everything the same! It’s so easy. I literally cooked the entire meal while the kids were eating their dinner (don’t even get me started- 2 separate meals every night because I’m obviously super awesome at parenting).

Served over jasmine rice:

It’s not the prettiest but it tastes good, I promise.

Tomorrow’s Friday! I’m pretty excited. Sleep has been in short supply this week so I’m hoping we ALL can catch up. Have a great weekend!

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One Response to Broccoli-Turkey Stir Fry

  1. Susan Hill says:

    just know my mom made two different meals every night because of me and look how weird i turned out…lol

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