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Y’all I went to bed at NINE THIRTY last night. Brian made fun of me and said that I was probably tired from my 4pm dinner at Luby’s… but this school routine is kicking my butt! I feel like it’s non-stop after school: carpool, snacks, rushing to activities, helping with homework (x2! Sister has homework this year!), cooking dinner, picking up the house, fixing lunches for the next day, laying out uniforms, folding laundry, then bed and start all over again with the morning rush. Less than three weeks in and I’m already excited about a holiday weekend.

Today was ballet day. Once we got home I threw together dinner: bourbon glazed pork tenderloins from Costco (seared 1 min/side in a skillet, then moved to a baking sheet and baked for 10-15 min at 350). On the side we had coconut-lime cauliflower rice. I used a little too much coconut milk, so let’s call it cauliflower risotto?? And finally roasted broccoli.

Last thing- my new obsession. Have any of y’all tried this?? Topo Chico LIME.

I got a big case of it at Costco, but I saw it at Whole Foods today too. I actually like it better than LaCroix. It has a more natural fruit flavor- like you actually squeezed a lime into it. SO GOOD.

Ok that’s all I’ve got! Catch y’all tomorrow.

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