Crazy Town

Y’all, I felt like I was in crazy town today. Dallas went NUTS. Word started spreading that there was a gas shortage due to the hurricane, and by noon there were insane lines (like an hour+) at all gas stations. Also by mid-afternoon most stations had completely run out of gas, not due to supply issues but because everyone was rushing out to fill their cars.

And then there were people like this guy. I was behind him and his EIGHT GAS CANS at a light.

This giant line was literally blocking the entrance to Sonic. No one gets between me and my after-school Diet Coke with lime. They were waiting to fill up at that 7-11 way down there, and there was another equally long line stretched out on the other side of the gas station.

Crazy! Luckily I had filled up on Tuesday, thank goodness. The lines were causing all kinds of traffic problems, so the kids and I made a super quick trip to Target for our school’s hurricane relief drive, then hunkered down at home for the rest of the day. It was actually really nice to have an activity-free afternoon. Isla and I started watching The Great British Baking Show on Netflix- she is all into cooking shows right now, AND Fixer Upper. Makes me tear up a little.

For dinner I made this turkey-black bean chili. It may be 90 degrees here but tomorrow is September, damn it! I’m making chili!

It’s so, so easy to make in the Instant Pot. I actually cooked it late last night and then just heated it up for dinner tonight, along with our fave BBQ ranch bagged salad from Target and some new cornbread crackers from Trader Joe’s (tasty, but a serving size is only 8 crackers?!).

Hope everyone has a fun holiday weekend!

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