And It Begins…

Today was GORGEOUS here in Dallas. I took Chloe outside this morning and it was in the low 60′s! Perfect timing, given that I loaded up on pumpkin spice coffee at Target yesterday. Also there may or may not be pumpkins lined up on our mantle. FALL!

It was around 80 by the time the kids got out of school, so we took advantage and played in the front yard for a while. Isla decided that her baby needed some fresh air, too (poor Jack):

Tonight is book club night. I took stock of what ingredients we had on hand and decided to try these pumpkin-oat chocolate chip cookies. Because pumpkin, obviously.

The ingredient list is a *little* lengthy for cookies, but that’s mostly due to the spices. Also it makes a TON. I used my usual cookie scoop and got 55 cookies from one batch!! I think they’re awesome. You can’t beat oatmeal, chocolate chips and pumpkin, and the texture is super soft but not overly cake-y. Isla loves them too. Jack took one bite, realized that they contained walnuts and immediately declared that he had an allergy (he doesn’t).

Fingers crossed that this fall-ish weather sticks around!

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