Holiday Weekend Recap

Can we just tack an extra day onto that three day weekend? That would be greeeeeat. We took the kids to the lake this weekend and didn’t get home until dinnertime Monday night- probably not the best idea, because at 8pm I realized that we had no food in the house for lunches, no clean uniforms, and Jack had homework (on a holiday weekend?!?!). Also Isla fell asleep on the hour drive home, meaning that last night at 10:30 she was still coming downstairs to tell me that there were “ants” in her room (there weren’t).

WHEW. Needless to say I played catch-up most of today. Groceries and lots of laundry. Also Isla had her 5 year checkup this afternoon. I had asked my mom to pick Jack up from school, not realizing that the pediatrician’s office would be administering flu shots this early in the season. SO Isla got hers at her 4:30 appointment… and then I had to bring Jack back at 6:20 for his. Whoops. But at least we can check that one off the list!! And unlike last year there was no 20 minute wrestling match over who had to go first.

Despite all that chaos, we had a really fun, relaxing weekend! I feel like we all just breathe a sigh of relief when we get to the lake. I was feeling a little under the weather this weekend (sore throat/cough- love those back to school germs), and I think every night I was in bed by 10. So nice. The kids played outside a ton, went swimming, played with friends, watched movies. Just a really good send-off to summer.

Even Chloe was relaxed:

She LOVES that little bed. Every time we go to the lake, she curls up in her race car.

On Monday morning we made a big clean-out-the-fridge breakfast, and I’m officially a fan of these uncooked tortillas:

You just heat them up in a pan- 30 seconds per side- and they make the BEST breakfast tacos. We stuffed them with scrambled eggs, crumbled bacon, cheese and salsa.

ALSO- anyone else a fan of Nutpods? It’s an almond-coconut blend coffee creamer with only 10 calories per Tbs. I’ve been using it for several months and love, love, love it. In my experience it’s really hard to find a non-dairy creamer that still tastes creamy and isn’t loaded with oil or sugar. This stuff is good, and I’m really excited because LOOK WHAT POPPED UP ON AMAZON!!!!

You know that went right into my cart. I’ll keep you posted!

Off to make lunches…

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