Weekend Recap

Hey hey! Hope everyone had a fun weekend. Ours was FULL. We spent Friday night at our school’s back to school picnic. They had a food truck (grilled cheese!) and shaved ice truck, and then once it got dark they showed a movie on the sports field. The kids had a blast running around with their friends, though next year I’ll remember to dress them up in glow-sticks or something so they’re easier to keep track of.

Saturday was spent at Isla’s soccer game, then a bday party, then another soccer game for Jack. My parents met us at Jack’s game and then took the kids for the night so we could attend our friends’ gender reveal party (it’s a boy!). So fun.

Isla had a super cute baking birthday party to attend on Sunday. They baked cookies, decorated cupcakes then finished off the party with a little karaoke in the backyard.

OMG keep that child FAR AWAY from a microphone. The other little girls were belting out Taylor Swift and Moana, but Isla treated it like open mic night at the Improv. I’m pretty sure I heard the words “My mommy” and “boobies” come out of her mouth at least twice. So that’s awesome. Feel free to ask me for parenting advice because I’m obviously killing it.

Tonight Jack had soccer practice until 7. I stocked up at Costco today and was fully prepared to throw something together for dinner, but once 7:00 hit I lost all motivation and we went to Modern Market instead. Hey, kids eat free on Mondays!! I had the wintergreen salad (baby kale, apples, dates, goat cheese, walnuts, balsamic) and the margarita pizza:

(Aaaaaand $2 prosecco #win)

ALSO- new favorite snack! These Perfect Bars are so good. The dark chocolate chip with peanut butter is my fave, but the coconut peanut butter is great too. They’re pretty high-cal so I usually cut them in half. The chocolate-pb tastes like a no bake cookie. I get them at Trader Joe’s and Super Target, but I’ve seen them at Sprouts too.

Ok that’s all I’ve got- off to make lunches!

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  1. Gia says:

    Love, love, love Isla Grace’s bow!!

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