Egg Roll Soup

Did y’all know that Target sells a line of $5 wines now? Well they do. I just cracked open the red blend tonight and it’s not bad. I like it better than Two Buck Chuck. Reminds me of a slightly sweeter (not sweet-sweet) Apothic.

(Spy Brian’s sweet Foot Cardigans in the background??)

My other latest obsession is the Kirkland’s prosecco at Costco ($7!). Mama loves her bargain wines. Honestly though, Brian rarely drinks wine so I hate investing in a pricier bottle when I’m the only one drinking it- and it usually goes bad before I can finish the bottle. So, cheap it is!

Tuesday is another crazy day for us. Monday, Tuesday and Friday are killer. Isla has ballet until 5, and then tonight Jack had his first Cub Scout pack meeting from 7-8. I ended up falling back on the ol’ Instant Pot for dinner. I kind of improvised a recipe for egg roll soup from the Paleo Cooking With Your Instant Pot cookbook.  If you want the original recipe, click here- but I made a few (ok several) changes:

- Used lean ground beef instead of ground pork

- Reduced the shredded carrots to 1 cup instead of 2

- Added 4 stalks of celery (sliced) and 2 cans of mushrooms

- Used soy sauce instead of coconut aminos, and reduced the amount to 1/4 cup

- Increased the ginger to 1 Tbs (also used fresh minced ginger instead of dried)

I also seasoned at the end with a few splashes of rice wine vinegar and some sriracha.



It was actually really good. Brian liked it, and I’m pretty sure Jack would have too if it had finished cooking before his meeting. Excited for leftovers tomorrow!

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