Manic Mondays

Ok so Mondays just suck right now. I seriously feel like I’m running around like a crazy person all day. I picked the kids up from school and had to run to the grocery store for like 4 things, which inevitably takes like 10x as long as it should (this time the kids were fine, it was everyone else in the store slowing things down). My goal was to feed them before we had to leave for soccer at 5:30, but by the time we got home and I had dinner going in the Instant Pot, it was 5:00… and I still had to help Jack get his shin guards on, fill up water bottles, etc. Sooooo we ate dinner at 8pm. Super.

For dinner I made this goulash recipe and then just let the Instant Pot stay on warm until we got back from soccer practice. It’s really simple- you brown onion, meat (I used ground turkey) and garlic in the Instant Pot, then add tomatoes, tomato sauce, soy sauce, spices and water, then cover the pot and set on manual for 4 minutes.


Instead of regular pasta, I used the Banza chickpea pasta shells. They seem to cook just like normal pasta, though the box had closer to 2 1/4- 2 1/2 cups of pasta, while the recipe called for 3. I reduced the water added to 2 cups instead of 2.5, but next time I may scale it back even farther- it was a little watery.

Not bad! The pasta got a little mushy after sitting on warm for so long, so I would recommend eating it as soon as it’s done cooking. This is a very kid-friendly recipe. I served it with garlic bread and steamed broccoli and Jack loved it. Isla, on the other hand, ate plain noodles with butter and a leftover kolache from this weekend. So that’s fantastic.

Well at least we get our craziest day out of the way early in the week. Catch y’all tomorrow!

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