TN Wedding Weekend

I’m actually sitting here with the windows open because it’s 63 degrees outside! So amazing. Apparently it was in the upper 90′s here in Dallas yesterday, so I’m really glad we were able to sit that little heat wave out in Nashville.

We headed to Tennessee EARLY Saturday morning for Brian’s brother Scott’s Sunday wedding. The kids were super excited for 2 reasons: first time to attend a wedding and first time to stay in a hotel. We tried to temper their expectations a little on the hotel part. We pulled up in front and Isla goes, “Well it’s not what I expected, but it’ll work.” Ha! She was really excited to have a mini fridge and microwave in the room, and Jack asked if we could go next door and meet the neighbors.

We had so much fun with all of the wedding festivities! The wedding was supposed to be held outdoors, but it poured rain pretty much all weekend so they ended up moving it to another (indoor) location at the last minute. Isla was the flower girl and wore the same dress that our niece wore in our wedding 12 years ago! Jack was an usher and said he told his teacher that “Weddings are way less boring than I expected.”

I was wrangling our wild children through most of the reception but snapped a few pics. Congrats to Scott and Jada!

Jack escorting his great-grandmother down the aisle:

I love how she’s looking at him here…

With their sweet cousin Samantha. Isla is literally incapable of making a normal face in a photo.

Don’t worry- it’s sparkling grape juice.

Fun times!!

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