Tamale Time

Today was filled with a lot of unpacking and laundry. Trips are so fun… until you have to deal with the aftermath. And I’m definitely the worst over-packer, so I can’t really blame anyone else in my family. But it’s *pretty much* under control at this point. I think.

I have such an easy dinner recipe for y’all! This is so random, but I found it on Brooke White’s Insta-stories. Like the Brooke White from season 7 of American Idol. I have no idea how I came to follow her on Instagram, but she’s adorable and posted this recipe the other day… here’s my screenshot:

I altered it a little bit by using Trader Joe’s chicken and green chile tamales, instead of the sweet corn. They come 6 to a package.

Placed the (heated, husks removed) tamales in a baking dish. Poured a jar of harvest salsa over the top, sprinkled with cheese and baked at 350 for about 20 minutes. Topped with Greek yogurt and served with steamed broccoli and tortilla chips.

I mean, literally the easiest “recipe” ever. Almost like a fake enchilada. I’m all about the easy dinners on our crazy nights. We’re still playing catch-up with all of the makeup work from missing school so easy is good.

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