Mommy-Son Weekend/First Camp Out

After years of watching Jack head out on Adventure Guide camp outs, it was finally Isla’s turn!

She was SO excited. Every morning last week she would ask, “So, how many more days until we go camping??” Isla and Brian headed out late Friday afternoon, and I got a whole weekend with Jack. I never get that much one-on-one time with him! He’s really just the sweetest, easiest kid ever.

We had a pretty busy weekend. October is just the month of crazy. It’s my favorite month and full of fun stuff, but a LOT. On Friday we met up with Jack’s best buddy Bryson and his mom for dinner at Gloria’s, then headed to Simply Fondue for dessert after. The boys loved whole “fire” thing, but I think we moms were more into the fondue. Jack ate a couple of marshmallows and called it a day. #moreforus

On Saturday Jack had a soccer game at 10:30 (they won!), then I let him choose where we went to lunch. He was really torn between Whataburger and In N Out. He’s a cheap date.

That was the only pic I got where he wasn’t crossing his eyes. Seven year old boys are so fun.

We had Jack’s second grade parents’ party Saturday night, so he spent the night with my parents while I headed to the party with a few moms who also had husbands on the camp out.

Brian and Isla got home early this afternoon dirty and tired, so we had a pretty chill day. Brian took a loooooong nap, and the kids played out front with neighbors and then watched some Food Network Halloween competitions. Isla is REALLY into all things Food Network lately- like mother, like daughter. And anything is better than watching the same five Peppa Pig episodes over and over and over (why don’t they make more??).

Hope everyone had a fun weekend!

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