Pancake Party

It’s almost Friday! And it’s the weekend before Halloween… AND it’s supposed to get cold tonight! I’m pretty pumped. The cashier at Costco laughed at me today when he saw that I was stocking up on long underwear, coats and PJ’s for the kids. Hey, the forecast says 40 degrees for our 9am soccer game on Saturday! That’s frigid for us Texans.

We have a pretty full weekend ahead. Soccer games, trunk or treat, school carnival,  birthday party. Lots of fun stuff.

We had nothing going on after school today, so I surprised the kids with a trip to IHOP for their scary face pancakes. Of course my kids demanded to make the faces themselves, so the poor server had to bring out a plain pancake and then all of the accoutrements for decorating. He loved us.

So proud…

I planned on making a fancy fall kale salad for dinner tonight, but we ended up meeting friends at Shady’s before Jack’s cub scout meeting. SO the salad will have to wait.

Hope everyone has a fun weekend!

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