Halloween Eve Eve

Happy Halloween Eve Eve! We had quite the festive weekend and are READY for Tuesday. On Friday we took the kids to trunk or treat at the Knights of Columbus. This year Jack dressed up as Mario and Isla dressed up as Dorothy- I’m a big fan of both of these costumes (a nice break from our usual superhero/Star Wars or Disney princess!).

They ended up moving the event inside because it was pretty cold on Friday night, but the kids had a blast anyway. I think Isla and her best buddy/partner in crime Molly went around the room at least 10 times. I finally heard one lady tell her that she needed to make sure that there was enough candy for the other children- ha! Isla’s response? “Well my bucket’s not full yet.”

I need to take some assertiveness lessons from her.

On Saturday Isla had a FREEZING soccer game at 9, followed by Jack’s game at 10:30. Then we headed up their school for our fall Harvest Festival.

Cake walk… we didn’t win :(

We took it pretty easy this morning after go-go-going all day yesterday. This afternoon Brian took Jack to a skating party , so Isla and I had a little girl time and met my mom for pedicures:

(I was banished to the third chair so she could sit by Gia.)

It’s going to be another busy week! Halloween/school parties on Tuesday, Jack has a project due Wednesday, and I leave for a girls’ trip to Santa Fe (CAN’T WAIT) on Friday.

Catch y’all tomorrow…

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