Santa Fe Girls Weekend

After a FUN girls’ weekend in Santa Fe, I’m gradually getting back into the routine. Not going to lie- it’s a little painful. I could have used a few more days of that gorgeous weather, mountain views and time with my favorite gals.

We flew in on Friday morning and spent the day wandering around downtown Santa Fe. We grabbed lunch at Cafe Pasqual’s (SO good), toured the Loretto Chapel, and had a drink at the Bell Tower Bar at the La Fonda Hotel. After that we headed back to our hotel (Hotel Santa Fe) to get ready for dinner. We opted to do our nicer dinner on Friday night at Coyote Cafe. The food was great!

We literally spent all day Saturday on a New Mexico wine tour. It was so much fun!! We had a shuttle that took us to three different wineries/tasting rooms, provided snacks and lunch, and even let us stop in Dixon for the art studio tours. We started at the Gruet tasting room in the Hotel St. Francis for a sparkling wine tasting (my fave, obviously), followed by Vivac Winery and ended at Black Mesa. New Mexico has great wine- who knew?!

On Saturday night we headed to El Farol for dinner. It’s the oldest restaurant in Santa Fe and features tapas and live music/flamenco dancers. The food was amazing (we split paella and a few tapas) and it’s definitely a fun place. The owner was kind of a jerk to us though. We were seated in a room just off the main flamenco room, and when we tried to peek through the (open) doorway to watch the dancers for a second (which our waitress said was fine), he immediately yelled at us to go sit down because “people have paid money to watch these dancers!!” Ugh. But the food was great and our server was really sweet.

Paella!! Look at those giant shrimp. It also had Spanish chorizo (my fave!), squid, chicken, mussels and scallops.

On Sunday we visited Meow Wolf, and I really have no words for that experience. It was CRAZY. It’s this huge interactive art installation that’s basically like a giant fun house. The fridge, dryer and fireplace are secret passageways, there’s a working arcade, a hanging school bus and a tree house. I feel like I can’t properly describe it- but if you’re ever in Santa Fe, you must check this place out.

Whew, that’s all I’ve got! Actually I have a million more pics but I don’t want to completely bore you. Such a fun trip but it was good to get home and see my babies!

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  1. Gia says:

    Such an interesting trip. Just what you sweet moms needed.

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