Mid-Week Break

I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday! It’s been a crazy week. The kids had a half day yesterday and were off ALL day today for conferences. It’s so fun having them home but I’m out of practice on entertaining those two all day (and trying to get errands done with them)- Mama is tired! Tomorrow they go back to school for one day and then it’s the weekend. Such a weird schedule.

I think the kids *sort of* missed me while I was gone last weekend, but this one seems the most excited to have me back. She’s been stuck to me like glue all week:

Jack’s conference was last night. They were running behind so we entertained ourselves by reading all of the “Blessings” essays in the hall. Some of them were hilarious- thankful for pugs (me too!), turkey legs, water, and “the smell of rosemary in the breeze.” Jack’s was sweet… and strategic, lol.

Both conferences went well! They basically reiterated what we already know- Jack is happy & easygoing, Isla is social and has zero trouble speaking her mind. Yes and yes.

That’s all I’ve got! We have another busy weekend ahead: last soccer game of the season for Isla, a friendsgiving party and then family pics on Sunday. I booked the pics YESTERDAY and have zero clue what we’re going to wear.

Have a great weekend!

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