Weekend Recap

It was another wild weekend! I’m pretty sure that’s going to be the theme between now and the end of the year… SO much on the calendar. This weekend we had Isla’s last soccer game. I’m sad that the season is over because it really seemed to click with her over theĀ  past couple of weeks. For the first several games she just kind of ran around and hugged her friends, but then last week she scored two goals and this weekend she scored one. All of a sudden she was totally into it.

Other highlights from the weekend: soccer practice was cancelled on Friday (too dark for our 5:30 practice) so we met my parents for dinner at Royal China. Then on Saturday we headed to our friends’ annual fried turkey party before soccer. Last night was pretty low key. I’ve had this weird neck pain since Friday afternoon. I’m not sure if it’s from the gym or what, but it’s keeping me up at night so I was ready for bed at like 9 on Saturday.

Isla was ecstatic when she got into the car after school on Friday because she found out that she’s the Star of the Week this coming week. That means she brings in this giant “all about me” poster tomorrow, and one of us (me, Brian or Jack- we’re still trying to decide) will come in to talk to the class on Thursday and bring them a treat. So the first half of today was spent working on the poster and her “turkey in disguise” project that’s due tomorrow. I feel like everyone I know was busy disguising a turkey this weekend.

Then late this afternoon we had family portraits taken downtown. Isla and I went to battle over her hair. She was furious that I made her wear a bow. Apparently I’m the meanest mom ever.

That’s her “I want to cut you” face.

Speaking of, you know what you need after family portraits?? A margarita.

We’ve been trying to eat at this new tex-mex restaurant not far from our house, El Vecino, but every time we try to go there’s a 40 minute wait. We finished our pics around 4 and decided to head there for a late lunch/early dinner to try and beat the crowd. I had a combo with 2 enchiladas (chicken with sour cream sauce, and beef with chile con carne) and a crispy chicken taco:

I liked it! The price point is good, and both kids loved their food too. Apparently they have a chile relleno special on Tuesday nights (and an enchilada special on Wednesdays) so I have a feeling we’ll be there again soon!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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