Winner Dinner

I had another chill/productive day at home. All beds are made, all laundry is done (folded, NOT put away… don’t get crazy), and I sent out some emails that I’d been putting off. My neck is finally starting to feel better too, knock on wood. It’s definitely not in my nature to stay home all day but it does feel great to catch up on stuff here. Still haven’t tackled the toy situation though…

Dinner tonight was a keeper!! Someone posted this recipe for Italian mac and cheese on a meal planning Facebook page and said that it was a hit with their family. It sounded easy and right up Jack’s alley- pasta, italian sausage, cheese and sauce.


I altered it a little by using an entire 14.5 oz box of pasta (Barilla ProteinPlus, my fave for the kids) instead of 10 oz. To compensate I upped the marinara sauce to 3 cups, added a 1/2 cup more mozzarella (so 1.5 cups total) and a splash more half and half. Oh and as usual I used turkey Italian sausage instead of pork.

It was SO GOOD. I mean, not the healthiest recipe, but it does have a decent amount of veggies… and I tried to make it a *little* better by using 2% cheese, along with the turkey sausage and high protein/high fiber pasta. Next time I might add mushrooms and maybe some diced carrots and celery.

Also it makes a ton. We have so much left over… Jack may be getting this for lunch tomorrow. And dinner on Thursday.

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