Weekend o’ Birthdays

Well we’ve hit the ground running in December! It was a crazy weekend. Friday was Jack’s 8th birthday!! We planned on heading to my parents’ on Friday night for a birthday dinner, but then my dad was admitted to the hospital with fever and shortness of breath on Friday afternoon. Thankfully he was treated quickly and was released today, and he seems to be doing much better. Jack was bummed to miss out on Gia and Baba’s, but we came up with a quick plan B and took him to Mariano’s instead. Zach, Laura, Owen and Stevie met us too so he was excited to get some cousin time (and to wear the giant birthday sombrero… #lice)

We got Jack an Instax for his birthday and he’s OBSESSED. One of his gifts was the giant 80 pack of film from the Costco, and he blew through that in no time. We took the kids to run errands on Knox on Saturday and he was taking photos of every dog he saw. He also kept snapping pics of employees in stores and then giving them their photos. It was actually pretty sweet.

We grabbed lunch at the Highland Park Pharmacy. Jack explained his camera to the sweet owner and then took his portrait so he could give a copy to his grandson.

On Saturday night Isla had her first sleepover! She spent the night at her bestie Molly’s house. It was pretty hilarious- as soon as we got there she pulled Molly’s mom aside and let her know that, “At sleepovers, you sneak out to the kitchen in the middle of the night for snacks.” Apparently we can thank Peppa Pig for that one. But Molly’s mom left little PB&J sandwiches out on the counter for them so Isla was thrilled. She’s still talking about how much fun she had!

On Sunday we had a family get-together at my cousin’s house, then Isla’s end of season soccer party, and finally I went to a friend’s annual ornament exchange last night. Somewhere in there we decorated the Christmas tree, too. Saturday was my mom’s birthday so we did a belated family birthday dinner tonight. Jack is doing a (LONG!) reading at mass tomorrow so we’ll all be up and at ‘em for that.

Busy busy!

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