Letters to Santa

Last week was crazy town and made me realize that I need to be more intentional about what I say “yes” to, especially during the holidays. I was gone literally every night except one- all FUN things, but I missed having down time, and Brian and I barely saw each other. I was basically just handing off the kids as soon as he walked in the door, and then he was usually asleep by the time I got home.  Sometimes it feels like we spend all of this time decorating the house for Christmas and then we’re never even home to enjoy it. SO… this week we sat down and decided what was important and what we could skip. We’ve had zero evening commitments this week which has been fabulous! It leaves more time for impromptu fun evenings like tonight…

Someone posted on Facebook about a house in Highland Park that had a “Letters for Santa” mailbox out front. If you leave a note for Santa (along with your return address), Santa will send a letter back to your kids! So this afternoon I made the kids get their homework done early and then helped them each compose their letter. Once Brian got home we told them to get in the car but didn’t give any clue to where we were headed.

First stop was their fave restaurant, Pie Five, for pizza.

Then we drove around looking at lights for a while. This was the first year that they both seemed really into it. In past years they’ve gotten bored fast, but this year they were both pointing out different houses and saying what they liked. My requisite Christmas light stop is Highland Park Village, which is a hot freaking mess right now. They’re doing a bunch of construction so it’s a huge pain to get through. But we checked out the trees and grabbed coffee (and a brownie for Jack/whoopie pie for Isla) at Royal Blue Grocery.

Next we headed over to Santa’s mailbox (if you’re in Dallas, it’s at the corner of Beverly and Byron). The kids were super excited to “mail” their letters, and they have no idea that they should expect one back.

So fun!

Have a great weekend!

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