Weeknight Lasagna

Well, after a really fun, really busy weekend… Isla has strep! Luckily I think we caught it early. She came home today complaining of a sore throat and just seemed really lethargic (NOT the norm), so I took her temp- 101.3. We went ahead and took her in to the doctor tonight and sure enough it’s strep throat. Gave her the first dose of antibiotics tonight so hopefully she’ll be on the mend soon! She ate dinner and seemed pretty perky after I gave her some ibuprofen, too.

We’re supposed to have a full night tomorrow (though I guess ballet is out now!) so I needed a dinner that would last us 2 nights. Jack is full on obsessed with lasagna but for some reason I never make it. I guess it just seems really time consuming? While I was scanning Pinterest in MY doctor’s waiting room today (just a check up!) I found this easy lasagna recipe. It actually is pretty easy, though you’re still dirtying a bunch of pans. It’s a great make-ahead recipe too.

(Scattering strep germs all over our dinner! Whoops!)

I swapped the beef for turkey and used part-skim ricotta and reduced-fat mozzarella. I also seasoned the “sauce” with lots of garlic and basil, and also added a little sugar and red wine.

So good! And we have a LOT of leftovers for the rest of the week.

Wish us luck that Jack stays healthy! He said that 10 or 11 kids from his grade were out sick today. Eeek.

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