Christmas 2017 Recap

Hello again!! Hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing Christmas! It feels like we’ve done a million things since I last posted. We had Brian’s firm Christmas party on Thursday, our friends’ party (with Santa!) on Friday, “framily” Christmas lunch on Saturday, brunch/gift exchange with my parents and brother’s family on Sunday morning, Christmas Eve mass that evening, followed by extended family party at my parents’ house that night. We spent all day Christmas Day at home for the first time. We’d just been running like crazy with holiday activities, Brian had been working constantly, and then with Isla just getting over strep we felt like we needed a low-key day.


My little baking helpers:

We made those little Rolo pretzels with pecans and M&Ms, and Ritz crackers sandwiched with PB and dipped in milk and white chocolate. It’s so fun- they’re at a great age for helping!

Meeting Santa at our friends’ Christmas party- one was way more into it than the other. #secondgradersaretoocool

Framily Christmas with the Barteau’s and the Juttons!

First look at what Santa left! This is actually NOT the first look. I tried to shoot a video but my stupid phone wouldn’t cooperate.

Presents! Jack realllllly wanted the Nintendo Switch, so he was super pumped. Isla just wanted everything- like literally every toy she saw on TV between September and December. But the good news is that she also gets really excited about everything! So she was a happy girl too.

I’m a little sad Christmas is over, but the kids still have 11 more days off! It’s kind of nice to have all of this after-Christmas time with them to just relax. We literally have NOTHING planned and I’m pretty happy about it.

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