Birthday Boy

Just got back from dinner tonight celebrating the *almost* birthday boy! Brian turns 37 tomorrow (Friday).

Haha, Stevie used his cake topper to wish him an especially happy b-day.

I’m getting a little sad that school starts back on Monday! It’s been nice not having a real schedule. We have spent SO much time at home over this break- the kids have been happy to just play with their toys and veg. I think we go so much during the school year that they miss having time to just chill out at home.

That said, I’m chomping at the bit to start clearing out old toys once they go back to school. I thought I did a pretty good job paring down before the break but NO.

The low-carb, keto thing is going well (for 3 days in, ha). I did have wine at book club last night and at Brian’s birthday dinner tonight, but my meals have been pretty on point. I feel like I’m not as sluggish in the afternoons- probably because I’m not pounding handfuls of Christmas cookies.

For lunch the other day I had no idea what to make. In the fridge we had a big bag of Asian salad mix from Costco and a pound of ground turkey.

I ended up browning the turkey, removing it from the skillet, then sauteeing all the salad veggies in avocado oil. I added the turkey back to the pan, along with mushrooms, some toasted sesame oil and the packet of cashews and sesame seeds that came with the salad (I picked out the wonton strips). Served with a little Sriracha:

Really good! Kind of an eggroll-in-a-bowl thing. The turkey was super lean so next time I’ll probably use ground beef or pork to up the fat (ha, that’s a first…).

Have a great weekend!

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