Mississippi Pot Roast

Dinner tonight was new for me/leftovers for Brian. I had a friend’s birthday dinner on Sunday night, but that morning I threw a roast into the crockpot to make Mississippi pot roast. It’s so easy and we actually had everything on hand except for the meat and the peppers.

You just brown the roast in a skillet, then transfer to a slow cooker. Sprinkle on a packet of French onion soup mix and a packet of ranch dressing mix. Place a stick of butter (I know!) on top of the roast and then top with a few peperoncini’s.

Brian and Jack had it for dinner on Sunday, then we had leftovers of it tonight. Despite the peppers, it’s not spicy at all. If you wanted it spicy, you could add some of the pepper liquid to the slow cooker or just add more peppers. Also, I used unsalted butter and felt that it turned out plenty salty. I basically never buy salted butter, but in case you do I would avoid using it in this recipe.

It is SO GOOD. The flavor is amazing and the meat just falls apart. Tonight we had it with mashed cauliflower and green beans, but this would be great for sandwiches too.

Tuesdays are currently our busy days (plus tonight we ran to Target for a few things after ballet and didn’t get home until 6ish), so it was really nice to have something we could just heat up for dinner.

Hoping to catch up on some reading tonight and head to bed early- like that ever happens!

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