Macadamia Crusted Tilapia

I recently bought the cookbook Simply Keto and bookmarked a ton of recipes to try. One that stood out immediately was macadamia nut-crusted tilapia. I don’t make fish very often, though I’m not sure why?? Brian and I both love it, and it’s a huge bonus that it cooks so quickly. Anyway, this recipe called for making a “crust” of macadamia nuts, lemon juice and parsley- you pulse all of that in the food processor until it looks like bread crumbs. Then you press the crumbs on top of tilapia filets (coated in coconut oil) and bake. So easy!

Ingredients. I bought a bag of frozen tilapia filets at Costco so you’ll probably see this one again soon :)

I doctored up the “crumb” mixture by adding salt and lemon zest. It seemed a little bland on it’s own so definitely taste and season if you make this! I also sprinkled the fish with a little lemon pepper before adding the nut blend. Baked for about 15 minutes and that was it! It looks a little burnt but I swear the brown parts were the best.

On the side I threw together one of my favorite salads: arugula, olive oil, lots of lemon juice, shaved parmesan, salt and fresh pepper. I love that you don’t have to chop anything and it tastes so fresh!! Perfect with fish.

I’m loving these short weeks! Jack has his first reconciliation this weekend, but that’s really all that’s on the agenda. Have a great weekend!

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