Weekend Recap and Red Curry

Hey hey! Well today definitely felt like a Monday. After so many long weekends in a row, this one seemed particularly short. We had a lot of big stuff going on, most importantly Jack’s first reconciliation!

He was SO nervous. I love that his whole class is going through this together, though- I think that helped calm his nerves a little. They were so cute standing in line waiting their turn to go in.

Happy and relieved after!

Brian and I are still sticking to the keto diet. Tomorrow will be the end of week 3. We’ve both lost some weight (though I thought it would be FASTER, womp womp), but the most noticeable thing is how much more energy I have in the afternoons. It’s been surprisingly easy during the week and I’m not hungry at all, but weekends are tough- I seriously miss my Friday night chips and margaritas.

Anyway I basically threw a tantrum on Saturday night because another meat-on-top-of-salad meal sounded awful, so we ended up taking the kids to Pie Five. They have a cauliflower-almond meal crust right now (only until February, I think) that is SO GOOD. I had the chicken carbonara pizza on the cauliflower crust. If you’re cutting carbs, this crust has 20g carbs for 1/2 a pizza. Not bad.

Tonight I made the chicken red curry from Simply Keto.

Ingredients (I forgot to include the actual JAR OF RED CURRY in the pic… only the most important part):

I altered it a little by adding mushrooms and an extra can of coconut milk. It tasted really salty with one can of the milk (probably my fault for over-seasoning the chicken), but was perfect once I added the 2nd can. I also browned the chicken first, removed it from the pan, and THEN sauteed the peppers. There wasn’t room in my Dutch oven to cook them at the same time. Also I added the juice of one lime at the end. I know, sounds like a lot of changes, but it turned out great! Served with cauliflower rice:

Ugh not even 9:00 and I’m already yawning. Catch y’all tomorrow!

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