Cali Roll Fix

Hey y’all! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. Brian’s car battery died while he was at work, so after ballet I had to go get Jack from my parents’ (my mom picked him up from school), then to Brian’s office to jump his car, then followed him to NTB so he could drop it off for a battery replacement. Poor guy is still driving my old Prius but we’re hoping to squeeze a little bit more time out of it. We ended up just grabbing a quick dinner out, so I made last night’s intended dinner tonight instead…

(Way more info than you needed, right??)

I’m REALLY missing sushi with this whole keto thing, so this Skinnytaste recipe for California Spicy Crab Stuffed Avocado sounded aaaaaaamazing. It’s like a rice-less California roll! I used a can of crab claw meat from Trader Joe’s and doubled the “stuffing” part of the recipe. I skipped the furikake because I didn’t feel like driving to 12 stores looking for it. Otherwise I followed the recipe exactly!

The filling is just mayo, sriracha, chives, cucumber and crab. You stir it together and then stuff into half of a peeled avocado. That’s it.

Ok so not the prettiest but it tasted great! It looks better with the seaweed/sesame sprinkle. Next time I may serve it over greens to bulk it up a little. It would be great with that Japanese ginger dressing too.

I’m totally dragging today, possibly due to the fact that no matter what time I get into bed, I end up scrolling on my phone until midnight. WHY??? I even chugged a cup of coffee around 6 tonight and it did nothing (though will probably regret that choice later). Catch y’all tomorrow!

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