Bunless Burger

Jack had scouts tonight, so Isla and I had a little girl time. Her request? Ice cream (lime sherbet, on a WAFFLE CONE ONLY, with sprinkles… she knows what she likes) and Barbies. Playing with Barbies is basically my nightmare, but luckily she’s pretty bossy and just tells me what to make them say and do- so it works out pretty well.

Dinner tonight was a meal that I’ve had for no fewer than three lunches this week. I’m obsessed. I found these angus burgers at Costco after seeing someone rave about them on Instagram. They’re in the freezer section, but pre-cooked so you just have to heat them in a skillet for about 5 minutes per side.

They are SO GOOD. It tastes just like you cooked them on a grill, but so much easier. Anyway, I’ve been chopping up the patties and throwing them on top of a salad: butter lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, chopped pickles, banana peppers and shredded cheddar. I also make the dressing from this recipe and it is fantastic. If you’re not doing low carb/keto, you could use ketchup or sugar instead of the erythritol. Make sure you don’t leave out the smoked paprika because it makes a huge difference in the flavor.

So that’s been like 50% of my meals this week. I have to say, this keto thing can be a pain sometimes but the food is pretty awesome. Next week will mark a month of eating like this, and though I don’t think it’s something we could continue forever, I’m not chomping at the bit to stop either. Though maybe for some chips and salsa…

Hope everyone has a fun weekend! We’re enjoying the last few soccer-free weekends before our schedule gets crazy.

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