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Hola! We ended up grabbing dinner out tonight because we didn’t get home until after 6. Texadelphia’s chicken and mushroom cheese steak salad is saving my LIFE these days. I just order it with no croutons, add cherry peppers (SO GOOD), with mustard vinaigrette. Plus kids meals are 1/2 price on Wednesdays so it’s super cheap.

Another recent fave are these noodles I found at Costco. They’re in the refrigerated section and each box contains six of these bags:

Healthy Noodle! Such a great name. But they’re only 1g net carbs per serving! Sorry for the terrible glare in the pic. They remind me a little of those tofu shirataki noodles from way back when, but without the gross smell- though you do have to rinse these as well. I like the texture a lot better, too. On Sunday night I was really craving Thai food and was thisclose to calling in an order… but then I realized that we had leftover red curry chicken in the fridge (from a recipe I made earlier in the week) AND these noodles. Heated them up and it made the perfect low-carb Thai noodle dinner:

I feel like I need to go to Costco and stock up in case they stop selling them. I’ve been burned by The Costco before (they had these amazing little Kirkland’s cheese snacks a while back- kind of like Babybel’s- but I haven’t been able to find them since), so now I feel like I need to hoard all of the good finds. Ask Brian how many Instacrates I’ve bought in the past 2 months… actually maybe don’t ask him. It’s a sore subject. BUT THEY’RE AMAZING AND FIVE DOLLARS.

Ok off to do a little baking! I’ll post about that tomorrow.

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