MoviePass and Sausage Balls

I bought Brian a MoviePass subscription for his birthday in January and I swear it might already be the most-used gift I’ve ever given to him. I bought it through Costco online (omg can I go one post without mentioning Costco??) and it was around $90 for a one year subscription, but you can also subscribe directly through the MoviePass site for $10/month. It’s actually really cool: you can see one movie per day, every day for a year. Not every theater accepts it, but pretty much all of them around us do- AMC Northpark, Studio Movie Grill, Alamo Drafthouse, Angelika, etc. And since ONE ticket at Northpark is usually $15, it’s worth it.

Anyway, he’s seen six movies since January 11th! Brian’s a huge movie fan (I’d usually rather sit home and read) so this has been perfect- he’ll go after the kids go to bed while I catch up on The Crown or read. Because I’m 80.

OR make sausage balls! Okay that’s just what I did last night. They’re my new favorite keto breakfast! I have them with a few raspberries and my bulletproof coffee. You can find the recipe here.

Ingredients: breakfast sausage, eggs, cheddar cheese, garlic powder, coconut flour, butter, sour cream and baking powder.

You brown the sausage, mix it with the rest of the ingredients, scoop/roll into balls and bake. THEY ARE SO GOOD. I store them in the fridge and then just pop in them in microwave for a few seconds in the morning.

I made a late night Target run tonight, and our store had just put out the new Universal Threads line. It is CUTE. Very Madewell-ish. The shoes are great too!! The cut-out booties came home with me a few days ago. Anyway, go check that out…

Have a great weekend!

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