Keto Chili

I started feeling a little sad yesterday because I hadn’t planned anything to make for the Superbowl. I asked Brian about it and he said, “Well, my family ALWAYS had chili on Superbowl Sunday.”

SO. I found a keto recipe for chili. Dragged Isla to Sprouts for the ingredients. Made the chili. Brian ate 2 bites, went upstairs and threw up.

Ok, so I’m pretty sure (hoping?) the throwing-up had nothing to do with the chili, and more likely due to the stomach virus that Isla brought home last week. But still, bummer. On a happier note, he only threw up once and seems to be on the mend today!

I liked the chili though!

I found the recipe on Pinterest, then realized that it was actually from a cookbook that I own, Simply Keto. You can find the recipe here. Since it’s keto = no beans. But here are the rest of the ingredients. The meats are ground sausage (I used sweet Italian sausage) and beef:

The recipe is written for the crock pot, but I modified it for the Instant Pot. Instead of water, I used chicken broth- and I upped the amount from 1/3 cup to a full cup.

I set it to the “chili” setting, which cooked at high pressure for 30 minutes. Allowed to naturally release until we were ready to eat. After cooking I seasoned it a little more and then topped with cheese, sour cream and green onions:

Not too shabby!

It’s rush week at the gym, which means 90 minute classes. I only stayed 70 minutes this morning, and yet STILL hit my daily step goal by 11am. By the time I left (EARLY, mind you), we had done three miles of running, 18 minutes on the rower and 18 minutes of burpees, sumo squats, jumping chin ups, plyo push ups and iron crosses. All that to say I’m officially done with today and heading to bed early. Good night!

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