Weekend Recap

We had quite the busy weekend! Well, Friday and Saturday- today was pretty lazy. The kids were out of school Friday for the Catholic schools’ academic fair. Like last year, Jack was invited to participate in the math competition. He’s been working really hard to prepare since right before Christmas. His teacher gave him a huge packet of worksheets and a lot of the concepts were things they hadn’t covered in class yet (division, geometry, etc.)- so we (well, Brian) ended up teaching him some completely new material. And this was on top of keeping up with all of his normal school work. Anyway, I’m so, so proud of him. It’s pretty nerve wracking. I think 8 school participated, and for the math competition they had 30 minutes to complete 100 questions. He ended up coming in 4th out of the 25 kids in the 2nd grade math section, which he was really excited about.

My parents came to cheer him on (and helped wrangle Isla).

On Friday night Brian took Isla to a Father-Daughter Dance. She was SO excited. We had to paint her nails, curl her hair, put on a little blush and perfume. It was really sweet.

While they were gone, Jack and I met my parents for dinner- and then he invited himself over to their house to spend the night. So much for hanging out with mom!

Saturday was crazy. Isla has a Saturday scholars program that she’s attending from 9-12 every Saturday through the end of April, so we started with that. Then both kids had birthday parties to attend on Saturday afternoon, and finally we met up with friends for dinner. Today was pretty low key, which I think we all needed. Lots of this:

Chloe loves him so much. We also hit up TacoDeli for lunch. I can’t get enough of their salsas. I ended up bringing a baggie of Trader Joe’s parsnip chips (low carb!) just so I could have chips and the Dona salsa. I don’t know what’s in it (avocado? garlic? lime?), and it sets my mouth on fire… but I LOVE IT.

OK there’s our weekend for you! Just found out that Jack’s first soccer practice of the season was cancelled tomorrow (I’m not sad about it- it’s COLD and I was not looking forward to sitting out there for an hour and a half!). I’m usually scrambling for dinner on soccer practice nights, so given the extra time I’m hoping to try out a new recipe.

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  1. Paige says:

    I AM OBSESSED WITH THAT SALSA TOO! Here’s a recipe I found: http://www.mystatesman.com/lifestyles/food–cooking/making-tacodeli-inspired-dona-sauce-from-scratch/vYadrxc4dlrEZgtpDek7RM/. No cream or avocado or anything! It’s an emulsion!

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