Valentine’s Day 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day!! We had a very love-filled day. The kids opened their goody bags this morning…

Along with heart-shaped donuts for breakfast (thanks, Bri).

My sweet dad agreed to accompany me to the courthouse downtown in order to update my car registration. It was really expired, and I was pulled over and cited for it last week. Ugh. Anyway, we were literally a mile from my house when I got a call from the school nurse saying that Isla had a stomachache and needed to be picked up. So we turned around, grabbed her from school, and she accompanied us to the courthouse. I’d like to add that she made a pretty miraculous recovery between school and downtown… so much so that she was able to put down a corn dog, fries, a tortilla and a sucker when we met my mom and Brian for lunch afterwards. Interesting.

(She’s going to school tomorrow. I had a major Come to Jesus talk with her about missing school and not being able to move on to first grade. Not sure if it registered but we’ll see.)

I picked up a heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s for the kids’ dinner tonight, and made a keto pizza using the Fat Head Dough recipe for Brian and me. Topped ours with Rao’s vodka sauce, fresh basil, mushrooms and pepperoni (Brian skipped the meat because he’s a good Catholic and I’m a heathen).

And now we’re about to crack this open. It’s been a DAY- did I mention that Isla took a pair of scissors to her adorable, brand new Valentine dress? And then wiped pink lip gloss all over our cream chair upholstery?? I’m ready for some wine.


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