On the Mend

Hey! So we’ve basically been in survival mode around here the past few days. Isla seemed to have a pretty mild case of the flu, thank goodness. I think the flu shot helped buffer the symptoms a little. She seemed great yesterday and I planned on sending her back to school today, but then she fell asleep on the way home from picking Jack up yesterday, napped for 2 hours and woke up with a 102 degree fever. Sigh. So no school for the 3rd day today. Luckily she seems 100% better (as in, the wild child is BACK). We’ve also had crazy storms ALL week, so we’ve been stuck inside for days. I do love the nighttime thunderstorms, but we’re going a little stir crazy with it cold and rainy all dang day.

Our morning routine has been cartoons and breakfast in (my) bed. She’s enjoying it a little too much- I’m expecting a revolt tomorrow when I tell her she’s going to school.

Not a lot of cooking going on here this week. Jack had his cub scouts banquet last night, so Isla and I ended up ordering pizza and having a movie night. Otherwise I’ve been eating a lot of leftover taco soup.

Looking forward to a fun weekend! We have our school auction on Saturday but otherwise things should be pretty low key… and hopefully flu-free, knock on wood.

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