Spring Soccer

Heyyyy! Soccer practice officially started back today. It’s been pouring here lately so after 2 cancelled practices in a row, Jack’s coaches moved his to an indoor soccer facility today. I love soccer season, but with both kids playing (plus ballet, scouts, etc.) it makes for a crazy week! Luckily we finished homework right after school- buuuuut we didn’t sit down to dinner until almost 8.

I had to run to Costco today and ended up grabbing an easy dinner: Caesar salad and rotisserie chicken. My mom gave us a quiche this weekend, so I ended up eating that too (just avoided the crust). Jack had pesto pasta with chicken and Isla had mac & cheese- because God forbid she actually eat what the rest of us are having. Who doesn’t like rotisserie chicken??

Sorry, most boring dinner ever but we’re just in that season!

This weekend was fun! We took the kids out for sushi on Friday night, then Saturday night my parents watched the kids while we went to our school auction. Brian and I were both a little worse for wear on Sunday- can’t hang like we used to.

Hoping to head to bed early tonight like the mid-30′s mom that I am. Catch y’all tomorrow!

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