Field Trips and Fail Safe Chicken

Today I went to the gym for the first time in over a week (thanks to Isla’s bout with the flu), and the cardio just happened to be 22 minutes of burpees. TWENTY TWO MINUTES. Honestly, can you think of anything worse? There is literally no way to make that fun. Sometimes I love my gym, and then sometimes I’m like, “Exactly why am I paying for this BS?”

Anyway. The rest of the day was much better- it could really only go up from there. I met my parents and Aunt for lunch at Kenny’s Woodfire Grill, which was delicious. I had grilled chicken with mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, walnuts, goat cheese and this amazing white wine cream sauce. SO GOOD. Also a popover the size of my face. Then picked the kids up from school, took Isla to ballet, and finally home for an early dinner/homework.

I threw together dinner in the slow cooker after the gym this morning: pesto-ranch chicken thighs. I’ve made this so many times before and it literally takes 2 minutes to prep. Put the thighs in the bottom of the slow cooker, spread pesto over the top, sprinkle with ranch seasoning, pour on chicken broth, cook on low 6 hours. That’s it.

We had it with mashed cauliflower (mashed potatoes would be better, obviously), and garlic-artichoke stuffed mushrooms that I picked up at Sprouts this morning.

Ok not the prettiest meal (especially with my terrible kitchen lighting) but tastes great AND you really can’t get any easier.

Tomorrow I may or may not be chaperoning the kindergarten field trip. I had to break the news to Isla this afternoon, because last week she was literally thrilled to find out that I was not signed up for this one. When I told her today that I might have to go (depending on if another parent completes the required safe environment training tonight), she goes, “Ok fine, but you are NOT sitting with me.”

OMG. Five going on 15??

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