Keto Granola

One week ’til Spring Break!! I am pumped. The weather has been gorgeous here the past couple of days (so nice that I’ve skipped the gym in favor of running outside, which is SO MUCH BETTER… though right now I can barely walk and feel like I’m 80). I’m ready for a week of no homework, no practices, no early bedtimes. So close.

I’ve been doing the bulletproof coffee routine for breakfast during the week, which is fine because it’s easy and I’m not a huge breakfast fan. But this morning I was HUNGRY and wanted to eat something before heading out for a run. Conveniently, last night I made a batch of keto granola that I found on Bon Appeketo’s (@bon.appeketo) Instagram page. I wish I could link you to a website, but I just took screenshots- so if you’re interested in the exact recipe, it’s on her IG page.

The granola is a mixture of sliced almonds, chopped pecans, sunflower kernels, whole flax seeds, shredded coconut (the recipe said sweetened but I only had unsweetened on hand and it was fine), Swerve (keto-friendly sweetener), butter, egg whites and vanilla. You mix it all together and bake for about 15 minutes. It smells SO GOOD while it’s in the oven.

I had it for breakfast this morning with some raspberries and unsweetened vanilla almond milk:

Perfect! And I kept grabbing handfuls of that granola all day. It’s really good- even Isla liked it, which is saying a LOT.

Ok, dragging my sad old bones to bed. Did I mention it’s 9pm?? So lame.

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