Spring Break Grand Finale

Well spring break is officially over. The kids went back to school today, which is probably a good thing since I hadn’t been to the grocery store in a week and our front hall was (is) covered in overnight bags full of dirty laundry. We headed back to the lake on Thursday, and it was pretty hard to head back on Sunday evening after a weekend full of sleeping in, playing outside and no schedule.

Jack spent a lot of time on his bike while we were at the lake and he’s getting really good! The next door neighbors have an awesome driveway so Jack and their grandson had a blast cruising around- Jack’s on the orange bike:

Isla and Chloe collaborated on some artwork on the deck:

On Saturday we took the kids to Yesterland Farm in Canton. They’re usually only open in the fall, but this year they are having a little Easter festival too. I’ve written about this place several times but it’s just SO CUTE. It’s like an old fashioned fair- kiddie rides, petting zoo, Easter egg hunt, and fun foods like fresh-squeezed lemonade and kettle corn. I know that Jack will outgrow it soon, but for now they love going.

I really wanted to take this cow home with us…

(Don’t worry, they weren’t giving it ice cream- the cones were full of animal feed.)

We were all pretty spent on Saturday night, so we had a low-key pizza & movie night… and a cheeseboard for us grownups (though little hands kept snagging our pickles and cheddar):

After eating anything and everything for a week, I’m back on the keto wagon. All good things must come to an end… sigh.

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